Importance of physical activity

Is The Life of Your Child Worth Being Physically Active?

Few weeks back, I met one of friend and his wife after a long time.

During the time I spend with them they were only complaining about two of their children not getting active nor involving in games or sports.

I asked them as a parent are they spending atleast half an hour doing some exercise every day or working out atleast 3 or 4 days in a week.


Both of them said they are not physically active.

When as a parent we don’t take the initiative of being active, how can we expect our children to be active?

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In most cases when the parents are not physically active the children also tend to lead sedentary life style by playing video games or spending more time on social media sites.

When the kids lead a sedentary life style, their sedentary life style extends to their adulthood.

Sedentary lifestyle also leads to obesity and all health related problems.

A doctor friend of mine was pointing out that childhood obesity has become major concern especially, where people are living in cities or bigger towns.

It’s not just pertaining to one country. It is happening all over the globe, where more and more children are becoming obese and having all ill health.

Parents are also pushing their children to take up some sports which the children may or may not be interested.

When the children are not interested in a particular sports they will never be physically active.

I suggested to my friends to take up some physical activities at least half an hour every day, which involves their children too and extend it to more time during weekends.

There are plenty of activities parents can do, if they want their kids to lead a healthy life, which is for the parents to show the way.

Sports activities like baseball, basketball, football, tennis can be played where all the members of the family can get involved.

Doing own body weight exercises like yoga and meditation, push-ups, squats can be done at the comfort of home by motivating each other.

You have to curtail screen time to children whether it is watching TV or spending time in social media or playing video games.

As a parent, you have to take the initiative of spending less time in front of the screen, which is of primary importance.

You can check with your children’s school what sports activities are available and how your children can participate after school hours.

You can also have fun time by practicing dances like Zumba or salsa or hip-hop.

Spending more time in nature by way of hiking or cycling, will not only help in being healthy plus it will help everybody to relax, reduces stress and will help to bond better.

Your children needs to start their physical activities early in their age preferably when they are below 6 years of age.

Nevertheless, any age is fine as long as, you want both you and your children to be healthy.

As a parent your role is to nurture your children to be healthy, happy and a better human being.

Once, you the show the way, depending upon their capabilities they can enhance their life to lead a better life.

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