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How to Induce Sleep Naturally?

How can I induce sleep naturally?

There are people who have been affected by ailments for some reasons would have started taking sleeping tablets based on Doctor’s advice and overtime got addicted which leads to various side effects.

Let’s look into simple remedies which have been effective for hundreds of years to induce sleep, naturally.

 Ashwagandha herb either in powder form or tablets form can be taken, which is a good nerve tonic.

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Ashwagandha herb helps in rejuvenating your nerves, keeps your brain nerve relaxed which induces sleep.

You can take 5 to 10 gms of Ashwagandha powder either mixing with milk or with warm water in the night. If it’s in tablet form take one tablet with warm water or milk in the night.

Alternatively, if there are Ayurveda or Siddha doctor near your place consult them and they may prescribe some medications which will be based on combinations of herbs which will be more effective.

Best and most effective way to induce sleep faster is this simple exercise, which has been helpful for people for thousands of years.

When you lie down on your bed in the night, keep the room in darkness without distractions of light rays or mobile phone next to you.

Keep your eyes closed and just observe your breath. Just pay attention to your breath.

Don’t take deep breath.

When you start practicing it every day, after few days, you will have deep sleep within few seconds and will get up refreshed in the morning which will help in better productivity.

The other alternative is reading books on the bed because you are focusing on the book without any other thoughts. This also induces deep sleep.

Don’t try to read anything from your mobile or laptop when you are lying on your bed.


Any of the above methods will be a great boon for you to have deep sleep without any side effects or costly medications.

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