How to Make Body Fit Without Gym?

This is what I do to stay fit. I focus mainly on diet rather than work out.


Early morning on empty stomach I’ll have a glass of hot water with honey. For breakfast I have this recipe which is highly rich in protein and other minerals with high energy nut porridge and it is simple process to make.You can access the recipe down below:


The trick is that you have to close your mouth while chewing the food and you have to chew minimum 24 times. Its not only about count, it’s about focusing on food when you eat. Our parents often tell us to eat food slowly and not swallow it faster and also they’ll tell not to watch TV or use phone while eating because our focus will not there on food. when you focus and chew you’ll be able to eat only for the capacity of your stomach…



I’ll drink 1 liter of water from morning to lunch. For lunch I eat whatever I want but by focusing and chewing properly. I generally take rice in afternoon. I’ll drink another one liter of water from lunch to evening.

I’ll have something for every 4 hours.

  • I will have my breakfast at 8 AM.
  • My lunch by 12 PM.
  • I’ll take a break at 4 PM.
  • I’ll finish my dinner by 8 PM

So for break if I’m taking any tea or coffee I’ll have it without any sugar. Yup I never take sugar. You can say I’m following no sugar diet.


There’s is no particular food items I follow… Whatever is there in my home I’ll eat. It can be any snacks variety. also. The trick again is focus and chew. And complete my dinner with one fruit which is available at home.

Walk / Dance / Sport

I walk atleast 2 miles a day.. Brisk walk. You don’t need to hit the gym. You can do brisk walks or dance to keep our muscles moving. Sometimes I  play badminton with my friends.Some work out is necessary to keep our body active. Just half an hour or 1 hour of any activity is needed to improve body mobility, flexible and keep the bone healthy.

This is my routine and this has reduced my weight by 26 pounds in 70 days and I’m more healthy and fit now.

To sum up.. No sugar, lots of water, focused chewing of 24 times every time you put the food in your mouth(the secret solution), walk, fruits and vegetables.

My gratitude to Ms.Sreeja Renganath for sharing her tips.


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