Mouth Watering Strawberry Mousse With Jelly Recipe

My gratitude to 20secondsvid and Thy Than

Full recipe for the three-layer strawberry mousse cake

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1. The cake as base

67g multi purpose flour 50g sugar 2 eggs 20g butter 30g milk 1/2 tsp vanilla extract

Bake 160C for 25 minutes

2. The strawberry jelly (8cm mold)

30g hot water 30g strawberry jam 2 gelatine sheets

3. The white mousse (10cm mold)

1 egg yolk 30g sugar 1/2 tsp vanilla extract

85g hot milk 2 gelatine sheets

95g whipped cream (60% whipped)

4. The strawberry mousse

30g water 75g chopped strawberries 30g sugar 1 gelatine sheet

My gratitude to 20secondsvid and Thy Than for sharing this recipe.

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