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The Guaranteed Method to Stop Sneezing and Runny Nose From Allergies

What home remedy stops sneezing?

Why nasal passage issues are not getting relieved from costly medications even after long treatment?

Why even after such costly medications there are no solutions in sight?

Is there is any permanent solution for this ailment?

First let’s look into why allergy?

You may wonder why when others can handle same pollution or other factors to over come these situations with couple of sneezing whereas my body even after 20 or 30 sneezing is not able to overcome this ailment and only comes out with runny nose.

If your nasal passage is not releasing this toxic material from your nose by way of sneezing or runny nose, it will get into your lungs and make your lungs weaker, which will lead to early death.

One way to look at it is, it’s a blessing in disguise that all these toxic material are removed at nasal passage itself by way of reflex action without entering the lungs. This is nature action.

Whereas, allergy is going beyond the natural sneezing and runny nose and keep continuing with nasal block and running nose for days together.

Getting runny nose or nasal blockage for a week during rainy season or during cold weather couple of times in a year is good for your body system to remove the toxic.

Whereas, what we are going to get solution is for people who get affected and have continuous nasal blockage by way of sneezing or runny nose throughout the season of rain or cold season or when cleaning the house.

They will be suffering for a long duration. These allergies need to be given at most attention to come out of ailment. Why?

People who have these allergies have considerable hyper sensitiveness to their nasal passage and other body functionalities.

One of the main factors of this issue is because of genetic factor which forms at the time of pregnancy itself.

Second factor can be when someone develops this ailment at later age say when they are 15 or 20 or 35 or 45 years old.

Why this happens at this age? It could be because of living in high pollution cities or towns, stress from work or friction in personal life or the present auto immune disorders, which is prevalent now a days in a big way.

If you have this ailment because of above symptoms, there are two preventive methods which can be applied.

When you are aware certain atmospheric conditions are affecting you, it is better to keep a distance from that condition.

Especially, when you are cleaning your home or have to travel to polluted place, you can wear jig mask which not only blocks the pollution from atmospheric conditions, it also helps you to inhale normally with free flow of oxygen. These are available in any surgical stores.

Allergy prevention

Second preventive method is keep your body temperature moderately warmer by avoiding going out beyond 5 in evening when the temperature drops considerably and your body becoming more colder.

Now let’s look into treatment. This natural remedy would be effective if you follow the method as suggested especially for people who have been affected for years or people who have been taking medications for long time.

People who have been affected by auto immune disease happens because of wrong lifestyle by eating fat rich foods especially during night which doesn’t get digested and leads to digestive disorders.

Some people get this auto immune problem because of late night sleep and getting up late in the morning which disturbs the body rhythm.

This allergy ailment can be sorted out by making simple life style changes naturally.

Now, for effective home remedy you require 2 ingredients.

  1. Holy basil, (Ocimum tenuiflorum), also called tulsi or tulasi, flowering plant of the mint family(Lamiaceae) grown for its aromatic leaves. You will get this powdered form from any herbal online platform or amazon.

Herbs for treatment

  1. Black pepper

Herbs treatment

How to consume it?  You can chew it as it is in your mouth if you get fresh holy basil leaves and 5 black pepper or take 100 ml of water in a pan, then add quarter teaspoon holy basil powder plus 5 black pepper. Boil it until it comes down to 20 ml.

 Then drink it every day for 48 days. You will slowly start realizing that your immunity power is improving, your lungs performance getting better once the toxic are removed from the lungs and allergy symptoms getting relieved.

herbal treatment

Don’t give gap or stop taking after few days. For better immunity, it is advisable to take herbal natural remedy without any side effects.

When you take modern medicines, it will have side effects. To avoid that you will be advised to take more dosage which will lead to asthma. Then you will be advised to have inhaler which will only weaken your immunity and give other respiratory problems which will lead to sudden death.

Kindly share this post with others if you get benefited.

Lack of awareness among people leads them to more suffering for long time with this ailment, in the process; they won’t be able to have better health and life.

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