The Secrets To Lose Belly Fat In A Month Is Revealed!

Most people say “ You have good genes!”, no I just know how to eat well.

  1. I never eat meals with more than two main ingredients (excluding spices). For example, some kind of meat with a salad.
  2. I never eat heavy salad dressings, only olive oil and apple cider vinegar or balsamic.
  3. I like salt, so I buy KCl, potassium chloride or what people call light salt. On the back of every packaged food, there is a table with nutrition facts. Buy stuff that have the least amount of sodium. Most companies advertise with “low fat”, or “low sugar”, but they almost never point out to the amount of sodium. Sodium makes your metabolism times slower by retaining water.
  4. I eat my meals with at least four hours in between.
  5. I never eat breakfast. In the morning, if I feel hungry, I would eat a fruit (only one kind, it can be two bananas, but not a banana and an apple).

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Thidea is that every time you eat, your digestive system dissociates different food with a different acid. So, if you mix food too much, you complicate the process, even if you only eat quality meals.

6. You feel like eating chocolate, eat it, but don’t eat anything else. Then your digestive system has to take care of only one thing at a time.

7. I never eat carbs ( like bread, chocolate, beans and etc…) in combination with meat. This is the worst combination!!! This is why burgers make you fat : bread with beef. If you feel like eating a burger, do it, just take the bun out.

8. Forget about ketchup. It is NOT made of tomatoes, but of corn syrup. It is terrible for you. Same for mayonnaise and mustard.

9. No soda drinks, ever. They do not do anything for you and, believe me, once you stop drinking them, you will never miss them.

10. Green tea will make your metabolism much faster, try drinking two a day, but don’t load them with sugar or honey.Try getting used to drinking it tasteless, in no time you will get used to it and you will start liking it.

11. Do not load your fridge with a ton of food. My grocery store is nearby and I try to go everyday. This way, I always buy what I feel like eating and I satisfy my appetites with fresh food.

12. Forget about this one month. Prepare yourself to do it for the rest of your life! This is a way of living, not a diet. Create habits and you will not have to worry about it again.

13. Work out not because you want to lose fat, but because it is fun. Precondition yourself to believe that this is an enjoyable activity not a punishment because you are chubby. I don’t really have much time to work out but I try whenever I have time. I don’t do it because I have to lose weight though, it just helps me being more concentrated, which is very important for my routine.

14. I almost forgot, think in advance where you will be during the day. For example, if you are invited at a friend’s house, you probably know that they will feed you and you also are probably aware with what. Try to combine this with the rest of your meal during the day. You know your friend likes to make mashed potatoes , try eating the same thing during the day or something compatible like veggies, not a steak.

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My gratitude to Ms.Mariya Mihaylova of Michigan for giving valuable tips.

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