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Warning Signs Of A Toxic Relationship

How do you know if you are in a bad relationship?

Toxic relationship has many alarm bells. I listed few of them which is glaringly alarming for you to get an idea where you stand.

  1. You haven’t worked on each one’s skills and strive for better life. Basically the positive vibes is missing.
  2. On the other side negative influence has played into each one’s life like drinking, eating junk foods, smoking and laziness which has created considerable friction.
  3. Your partner doesn’t give importance to your views and puts you down saying he/she is smarter.

  1. Your partner doesn’t allow you to meet your friends and family members.
  2. You are not working on each one’s support system instead seeking outside support.
  3. When your partner value you only for your money, physical attraction and physical needs.
  4. Each of you screams at each other in front of kids because you have not worked on nurturing each other’s interest.
  5. Lack of transparency, which leads to unethical activities.
  6. Your start wondering about your competency and lack of it and why your positivism has diminished as you spend more time in a relationship.

  1. Your partner doesn’t appreciate the achievement you have got and effort you have put into it.
  2. When you have disagreement with each other, you don’t work on each other to find solutions to have better bonding.
  3. Each of you keeps blaming each other for having a miserable life.
  4. Your partner gives opinion only from their limitations instead of showing interest about your ideas.

  1. Both of you don’t work on each one’s responsibilities and try to escape from it.
  2. You spend more time in a bar after work than going back and spending time with your partner.
  3. Both of you don’t give importance to financial planning and spend more than you earn.
  4. You find that your partner keeps lying regularly.
  5. Your partner is not transparent about their movements and doesn’t have answer to reaching back late.
  6. When you get feeling being trapped in a relationship.

  1. When you argue you don’t acknowledge other’s valid point.
  2. Your partner keeps complaining to their friends and family members about you.
  3. Even when you are together you get the feeling that you are lonely.
  4. When you don’t connect with your partner in relation to trustworthiness, dependability and warmth.
  5. When there is considerable lack of affection in a relationship.
  6. When your partner keeps comparing you with others which is a big red sign.
  7. Cheating and relationship violence.
  8. Both of you don’t work on striving better to make a great team.

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