Relationship tips

What Are The Important Lessons Learned From Past Relationships?

Learning from past relationship mistakes

Communication is the key. Make it a point to communicate at least an hour a day with each other without the distraction of gadgets or TV programs giving value to each one’s opinion.


More than the physical needs, it is the respect for each other which brings the best out of your relationship.

Never force other person to be like you. Enjoy each one’s differences and enjoy the company.

Relationship is always like a joint venture. It needs effort to strive better every moment.

When unnecessary friction is happening, it’s better to cool down quietly for some time and handle the situation with new perception.

Always discuss any sensitive subject with relaxed mind. Never fight and create a friction.

By observing and communicating with family and friends of the person whom you are dating, you will know whether to be in a relationship or not.

Don’t live a fake life in front of your partner. If you can’t live a life based on your qualities move away from that relationship.

When your partner feels you have the potential to do better in life and encourages you to achieve even when you have failed then you know, you are in the right relationship.

You are amazing and lovable person. You need to be treated well, not treated like a scum bag.

Don’t compromise for the sake of getting into a relationship. Relationship need to be build based on each one’s quality.

In a relationship you come first. You have to be happy within yourself before you can share with another. Never seek happiness from another, which will only lead to miserable life for you.

Don’t live in fool’s paradise that you can transform your partner. You set an example with your actions and your partner can get that right vibes from you to change for better.

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