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What Is the Best Home Remedy to Relieve Sinusitis?

How to cure sinus permanently at home?

Sinusitis has become a major ailment now a day with pollution and wrong lifestyle creating havoc in aggravating the issue.

Plus, during the cold season it becomes worse and the nostrils becomes major blockage to the body system. Naturally, when you don’t breathe properly, you lose your balance both body and mind wise.

Let’s look into some of the factors which could be the cause.

  1. Some people have the habit of sleeping on the floor without any mat or bed covering. As most of the houses now a day uses marble or granite for flooring it creates ecological disturbance to your house and to your body. It is advisable to use some mattresses as bed for sleep.
  2. People sleep directly under the fan that too using the fan at high rotation. Because of the high rotation of ceiling fan or using air conditioner which increases the cooling of the room temperature it blocks the nostrils flow and aggravates sinus issue. People who have sinus issue can use pedestal fans without directly focusing the air flow to the face.

 Now, let’s look into best home remedies which can do wonders.

  1. Steam inhaling especially in the evening when the temperatures drops can help in a big way.

Sinus relief

Boil the water in slightly bigger bowl adding quarter tea spoon of turmeric powder. Once it has boiled well do steam inhaling covering your face or neck fully with thick towel or bed cover. Inhale with both nostrils and hold it for couple of seconds and release the inhaling.

That way, your nostrils will release the entire toxic particle, remove the mucus and keep the nostril pathway clear and healthy. Once, your nostrils pathway becomes clear your breathing will get regularized and you will have deep sleep.

Second solution, keep your house, rooms and surrounding areas clean from dust. Growing trees or plants will bring down pollution level.

The best solutions would be to learn yoga and meditation which will not only help you in coming out of sinusitis, plus will keep your body slim, healthy and balance your body and mind with no ailments affecting you including pandemic virus.

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