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Best advice in relationships which works to be happy

Best relationship advice ever

Commit to investing an hour on an ongoing basis to work on strengthening your relationship, troubleshooting, like you will on your work or fitness or health on a daily basis.

Be friends before dating or before marriage.

Women are motivated by love and feeling cherished, men are motivated by respect and feeling needed.

Remember, don’t just say how you feel about your partner…show it. Small random act of kindness can make big impact in a relationship.

relationship advice

When a woman is having a rough day and is opening up to you, don’t immediately give advice. Women open up because they want men to listen.

Don’t be afraid to talk about money as it will open up better understanding about reality and will guide in improving your life skills to achieve better in life.

Your personal developments should always come first before the relationship. Don’t stop working on yourself. It helps in your life and relationship.

relationship tips

Always show how much you appreciate your partner from time to time. People crave appreciation more than anything else.

View your relationship as a project, something that needs to get worked on overtime to strive better. Never give up on working on it as long as it’s mutual.

Never get into a relationship for any of the following reasons: sex, pressure from friends or family, to fill an empty gap in your life, or to become happy.

Choose to love your partner everyday. This will bring in positive vibes in a relationship and help the relationship to grow.

Have communication in a productive way.

Never compare your partner with anyone. If you want him to do anything, convey but don’t compare.  When you compare negativity will flow in your relationship.

If a woman is mad at you, encourage her to explain why she is mad, keep encouraging her, and don’t stop until she releases and expresses all the negative feelings. Because when she does, she will begin to feel happier again and return to her usual loving self. Again, this ties back to women’s’ need to be heard. This is the secret of solving 99% of arguments.

relationship advice

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