What Causes Lack of Confidence?

  1. Negligent parents. Having parents that weren’t there when you needed support.
  2. Disapproving parents. Never getting positive feedback as a child can leave you chasing approval from others.
  3. Physical insecurities. Not being able to fulfill society’s standards of what’s ‘good’.
  4. Past trauma. A person who was abused might believe they deserved it and which is detrimental for their self-worth.
  5. Anxiety and depression. These issues can hinder with most areas of your life and self-confidence is one of them.
  6. Bad friends. Having friends who are fake and manipulative.
  7. Negative self-talk. At some point, they developed this pattern and now it runs them.
  8. Comparing themselves. People tend to compare their chapter 2 with someone’s chapter 57. It’s irrational.
My gratitude to Ms. Rafael Elliasen

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