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What Is The Best Natural Antacid?

Effective home remedy for acidity and heartburn

Many of you will be having antacid tablets, syrup at home falling into the trap of taking modern medicines without knowing the side effects. 

This post is about preparing simple antacid at home using 3 simple ingredients to relieve you from acidity, bloated stomach, heartburn because of indigestion, sluggishness and ulcer issues.

The ingredients for preparation of natural antacid are:

  1. Carom seed – This ingredient alone helps in relieving indigestion especially after eating fried stuff. Quantity needed just 5 grams for one day consumption.
  2. Cumin seed- 5 grams
  3. Ginger of 2 or 3 small pieces.


Take a pan and keep it on a stove. First fry cumin seed in the pan until it turns light brown.

Add carom seed to the pan and fry that too and pour one cup of water into the pan.

Add 2 or 3 small pieces of ginger into the water before it starts boiling.

This is the best antacid which can be prepared at home in 5 to 7 minutes which is very effective.

It’s advisable to boil it for 5 or 7 minutes until all the ingredients gets blended with water.

This natural antacid will help you to get relief  from acid reflux and acidity.

This can be taken any time when you have acid reflux issue or heartburn.

You can take it before food or after food which will help to relieve you from indigestion.

This drink can be given even to small children  right from one year old.

Just couple of spoons of this antacid is sufficient for children up to the age of 10 to get relief from indigestion.

From the age of 10 to old people, it’s preferable to drink at least one cup of this antacid.

Even pregnant women who have indigestion or acid reflux issue can have this antacid.

You can add honey for taste with this antacid drink.

Even when you have breathing problem at the middle of the night because of indigestion, you can do simple breathing exercise of inhaling and exhaling by sitting quietly.

Ask one of your family member to prepare this natural antacid which will immediately relieve you from indigestion and heartburn.

Even if you have acute ulcer problem this drink can be your savior.

Unfortunately, most of the people are not aware of this simple natural remedy which is effective.

Our grandma and others in that generation might know this home remedy.

Kindly share this solution with others if you found it useful.

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