What Nobody Ever Told You About Effective Parenting

Full involvement in whatever you do brings in better results especially with relationships that too with your kids as parents.

Joyful Parenting

If you are working women make it point to spend atleast 20 to 30 minutes with your kids, irrespective of what stress or fatigue you have.
Even parents who are working from home will be caught with the workload and pressures of household chores which will make them neglect exclusive time with kids.
When you pay full attention to your kids without the distractions of your phone or washing clothes or prepping up dinner, just playing with your kids with their toys or dancing with them, it produces better joyfulness and better bonding with kids.
It will also be a stress reliever for you when you play with your kids and will be handle other tasks more joyfully.
Make it a point to your children that you will only play with them for few minutes after that they have play in their own or better still give them some responsibilities of washing vessels or cloths which they will readily do because you have given them attention and being joyful helps everybody to happily do more responsibilities.

What makes a child happy

More you start paying full attention to your kids, over a period of time, you will start realizing more joyfulness happening in your house and you will also look forward to these beautiful moments.
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When you involve full with this play time moments with your kids more positive vibrations starts happening in your relationships which brings down anxiety or stress or fatigue with everybody in the family.
Working on these moments helps children to focus better in their activities whether in school or in sports. Also helps them bond better with their siblings or friends without unnecessary fighting or bullying or anxiety or going through peer pressure and helping them to be a better human being in the long run by taking more responsibilities and enjoying it.

Good parenting Skills

However hard pressed you are with your time these moments of effective parenting takes less time in the long run than ineffective parenting. More happier moments you spend together helps more relaxed children, adults are also joyful, your household will run more smoothly without friction, which in turn will help you to be more productive which produces more joyfulness in your life.
Effective parenting involves being more joyful, no harsh criticisms, being listen to, being honest with your actions.
If you are going to correct your children for their behavior every step, instead of looking into what goes into their emotional needs, you will only have rebellious kids in your hand and messier household.
Being joyful and paying full attention are not your priorities, then your relationship is heading for deep trouble.

Signs of good parenting

Beyond the age of 10 be a friend to your children, which will help them to relate to you better and confide with you first when they go through anxious moments.
 Keep in mind your children don’t listen to you. They observe your actions and follow your foot steps. It’s important that you be more joyful and pay full attention to them when you are with them. Make sure your actions reflect how you want them grow.
When you are fully involved, you will have better solutions to handle any given situations, otherwise, your focus will be only on problems which will become an uphill task to handle any situations.Full involvement helps in handling even the smallest of the task,joyful.

How to be a good parent

Have more relaxing bed time with your kids. Some fun like pillow fights; singing to an infant, read them stories when they start growing up. Make bedtime as pleasant as possible. This will not only help your children to have deep sleep and a better sleep for you too as parent.

How to raise happy kids

Guide your children with kindness at the same time with firmness when you want them to take some responsibilities to their actions, making them complete the task before they move to their favorite activities.Keep in mind, consistently being fully involved is the key to effective parenting and more joyful moments.

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