Best Solutions to Exercise Resolutions

How to solve exercise resolution problems

Learning new skill need to be an on-going process in your life and most important aspect being doing it joyfully, especially, when it comes to exercising and to be effective for healthy living.
Improving on a daily basis is the key to enjoying the process and what are the steps which can make it work ,we will discuss in detail.


First step need to be, putting it down in paper which will help in being aware of your anxiety, your earlier experiences towards exercises and emotional feelings. It will also help you to understand how helpless you feel, what guidance you may require, whom to approach and how to go beyond your barriers. Unless, you get into these awareness your approach towards being fit and healthy will remain a distant dream.

Exercise resolutions

Unless, you are aware about your why factor and pin it down, you won’t come out of your potato coach syndrome. ‘Why’ factors can be moving force towards your wellbeing. The factors can in various forms like being fit to wear all the latest dresses and to look stylish or to come out of your anxiety and stress or controlling your blood pressure, diabetes or you want to be in better shape before your next school and college union or you would like to take up trekking to travel to exotic places or you would like to be more happy playing with your kids, grandchildren and do some adventure sports or you would like to learn dancing which you missed out when you were a kid or it could be a combinations of many. But the most important factor need to be how you will feel when you become more flexible, stronger and healthier.

New Year’s exercise resolution problems which works

You can either write or type it out in computer about your why factor. Then decide to work out an exercise plan which you can fit in your busy schedule. Be realistic. Don’t go overboard about any plan. Take baby steps when you start on fitness regimen. Start with couple of days a week exercises first then in six months time tries to reach 5 days a week regimen. Most of the people fail because they go overboard with their plan by trying to do 5 days a week exercises in the beginning itself. Once, you have become aware of your emotional factors and a realistic plan, let’s step it up to next stage.

Fitness program

Mind takes time to get into a rhythm. Mind takes approximately 41 days to 60 days to get into a new system. Once, you have got into a rhythm you can step up your intensity in your exercises gradually.
When your body, mind, emotions get aligned you can accelerate your exercises routine. If you have start intensifying your exercises, your muscles won’t co-operate and you will end up injured. When injuries start playing at the back of your mind, you will stop doing your exercises and get back to coach potato days.

New Year’s resolution ideas

When you start journal your journey and the small accomplishments it brings into your emotions, you will be able to relate to your mind better which in turn will help you to move forward with your actions and also help you to understand your weaknesses and strength.
When you journal it, you will know whether you are getting healthier, whether you are getting into better shape, are you getting stronger, are you enjoying your office work, house hold work, your play time with your kids, improvement in relationships with your partner, family and friends. Most important, are you having more energy which has improved your productivity in all dimensions of life.
Only with consistent practice and being aware of your progress, your body, mind, emotions gets into a rhythm and will lead you to move forward in life. When you move forward in life, more joyfulness comes into your life to lead you a better life.


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