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Is It True? Exercise Can Relieve Teen Depression

In recent times, depression among teens and suicidal tendency has gone up considerably, an alarming signals to the parents.
Depression makes teens vulnerable to life-long depression syndrome. When teens are affected by depression their academic performance, performance in sports, relationships with parents, friends and most importantly their physical health get affected badly.

Better learning for children

When teen goes through this phase, their parents health also takes a beating. Being in right company of friends who can positive influence is absolute necessary. Otherwise, they might land in wrong company of friends, which will lead them being a drug addict and anti-social elements. Most of the parents in their anxiousness to see their teen children coming out of depression give antidepressant medication, which will lead to more complications. Here, exercise will play a crucial role as an antidepressant natural way and most important teens becoming healthy and happy to lead a better life.

How to overcome teen depression through exercise

Exercise has many advantages. It is non-drug based influence with no side effects with potential of more health benefits.
Exercising regularly helps everybody’s moods especially when it comes to teens who are at the delicate stage of their life.
Exercise reduces depression irrespective of age or gender because when you are regular with exercise endorphin level increases within your body, which lowers your stress and physical pain level.
Regular exercise helps in healthy lifestyle major boost being psychological relief and recovering from depression faster.
Parents play crucial role when their children are affected by depression by giving emotional support and also setting example of by doing regular exercise themselves.
Emotional factor helps in motivating children who are affected by depression to take up exercise and sports.
When you motivate children to do exercises make sure to start with smaller goals. Let them not to be exposed to high-intensity exercise in the initial stage itself. Exercise programs with reasonable goals will motivate them to take up bigger challenges as the days go by.

Best Exercise for depression

Mix of exercises like walking, running, swimming, lifting weights or sports activities which they love can make considerable changes to children’s psyche.
Yoga and meditation is a proven science which has worked wonders on teens and come out of depression faster and helped them to lead better productivity and happier life.

Exercise for mental health

Exercise can also help teens who are affected by depression to get connected with right kind of people and friends, who can give them positive vibes.
As a parent pay attention to even minor changes happening in the moods of adolescents, guide them by emotionally supportive and motivating them. Most important is a role model to your teen children by leading a healthy life yourself.

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