Can Exercise Help Brain Fog?

When you exercise, endorphin is released to your body system, relaxes your muscles, improves your brain health and reduces the chances of getting dementia at later stages of your life.
Exercise enhances brain functionality, revitalizes memory and improves intellectual skills. In the process, brain cells get activated and creativity cells starts functioning better.


People who are physically active have the chance of not getting Alzheimer’s disease, Dementia’s and DE-generation of muscular movements.
Those who are regularly into exercise will be aware that when their body and mind gets aligned their brain functionality also improves.
The hormone Irisin is produced in your muscles when you exercise which jump-starts multiple biochemical reactions in your body, which helps in generating energy metabolism.
Alzheimer disease gets affected when your brain cells are not active. When you exercise, energy metabolism improves which your brain cells uses the energy and also helps in increasing the level of Irisin in brain.
Recent research has shown that Irisin hormone exists in human brains and it is created by brain itself when you exercise.
Benefits of exercise besides, regular improvements of physical parameters, reduce insulin resistance, reduce inflammation, and stimulate growth areas of brain cells, growth of new blood vessels in your brain.
Endorphin which is produced naturally when you exercise helps in elevating your mood and improves sleep pattern which in turn reduces anxiety and stress. If these parameters are not streamlined, it will lead to cognitive impairment.
Any exercise or sports done regularly can improve your brain cells.


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