How Do I Tone Up My Thighs?

Squats are always considered king of exercises. When done right it gives awesome shape to your thigh muscles, hamstrings, hips, lower back and abdomen.

How low you can squat depends upon whether you are doing bodyweight Squats or weighted squats.

When you use your own bodyweight you should go as low as where your thigh becomes parallel to the floor.


When you do weighted squats go as low as your knee joint can go.

Keep in mind that your feet plays the crucial role of keeping you balanced when doing squats.

By chance you lift your heel off the floor, it will through you out off balance plus your lower back and knee will be affected badly.

While doing squats engaging core gives added advantage of doing the exercises better.

When you are engaging the core, the body gets tightened and right breathing will flow to do the squats in proper alignment of the body.

While performing weighted squats your hip should move in such a way that your knees fall in line with your ankle and they do not cross the toe.

Stance plays crucial role while you perform your squats. If the stance is not in right position you won’t get the desired results and could hurt your back.

The right stance will be your legs slightly wider than your shoulders and both your toes should be pointing outwards.

While doing squats workout your knee should not go inwards as you will end up with knee injury.

Be aware where your knee is moving after each repetition. It would take few days of squats workout to get it right.

Unless you move out of your comfort zone while doing squats, you won’t get your dream shape.

When you are a beginner do light weighted squats of 2 sets of 15 repetitions each.

When you get into advance stage do weighted squats of 4 sets with 12 repetitions each set. You can extend it to 15 repetitions each set.


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