Why Do You Need To Warm-Up Before Exercise?

Warm up before workout is worth all your efforts to do justice to your body muscles and to do better with your exercise.

Most important factor of your warm-up is it can help you prevent from injuries.

Warm-up helps in better flexibility to your muscles, joints, connective tissue such as tendons which in turn will prevent from injuries.

Muscles work efficiently when their core temperature is raised and your workout will get better and stronger.


Your warm-up also gives better functionality to your heart by lessening the impact on your cardiovascular system.

When you warm-up your arteries gets streamlined to balance your heart rate to handle all your efforts towards workout more efficiently.

Length of warm-up can extend from 5 minutes to 10 minutes depending upon the environment and activity level you are planning to undertake.

The best measure of a warm-up would be that you just break into a sweat.

Best warm-up can be spot jogging for 5 minutes or faster movements to all parts of your body with light dumbbells.

Stretching after workout is also as beneficial to warm-up to keep your body muscle more flexible and will help you to do better for your next day’s workout.

The best way to address your warm-up would be to get your heart rate up by way of jogging and skipping will do wonders.

Body weight exercises like push-ups, lunges and squats can be your next stage of warm-up based upon what you intend doing on that day.

If any of your body part is feeling tight or sore, make sure to spend more time on warm-up for that area.

Ofcourse, don’t forget to do stretching after workouts for all major parts of your body muscles.

Stretching will not only help you with better flexibility, it will reduce muscle soreness.

Your body will thank you for all the extra steps you have taken to keep it happy.


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