Why Is It Important For Older Adults To Exercise?

You can be fit like you were in your teens even if you are in your 40s or 50s by increasing activity which will also lower the risk of early death.

At the same time the benefits goes down if you stop doing exercise or hardly doing any activities.

When you are active during middle age either by way of exercise or sports, your risk of dying at early age reduces.


Even if you not been active but decide to be active during your middle aged, you can still reap in lots of benefits.

Men and women who have been consistent in increasing their activity during their middle age reduced the risk of death by over 42% according to recent study.

Inactive people tend to fall into the trap of early death either by way or cardiovascular ailments or cancer.

If you have been active at your early age but stopped any activities during middle age you still cannot escape from early death like people who have always been coach potatoes.

It shows the importance of exercise irrespective of what age you are in.

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Just mere physical activity won’t be sufficient. You need to do strength training too.

Being strong and getting stronger need to be your aim to enhance your health and eliminate any chronic disease attack.


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