Simple Way To Lose Weight That Works With Portion Control

A realistic way to lose weight for people who are addicted to food, who get winded walking up the stairs and always feeling fatigue.

For the people who wants to lose weight faster, who are embarrassed by their appearance and in bad health the method works.

When you are overweight you won’t have motivations to improve your life, whether it is promotions in your career or doing exercise.


Moreover, you sluggishness deprive you of having healthy relationship with your loved ones or going on a trekking.

Best way to get results in losing weight would be making small changes every day like packing lunches from home than buying from restaurants or takeaways.

Eating wholesome food than processed food and reducing the portions you eat by paying attention to what and how much you eat.

Once you start implementing one healthy choice at a time, it will snowball into making more healthy choices as the days go by and move away from unhealthy choices.

A typical diet can be breakfast of two boiled eggs with plenty of fruits or oat meal sprinkled with fruits.

Lunch need to be a big bowl of salad, combinations of spinach, veggies, grilled chicken or fish with avocado.

Snacks can be mix of dry fruits with vegan cafe latte or banana.

Dinner need to be plenty of veggie especially broccoli and baked sweet potato.

Dessert has got be either green tea with honey or black tea with lime and honey.

Exercise will play most crucial role in reducing weight.

You can either go to gym and workout or do exercises from home if you don’t like other people watching you.

Over a period of time you need to go in for more strength and endurance exercises.

When you are into lifting weights you need to see how much you are improving in your performance every day.

There would be days where you won’t be able to push yourself, that’s the day you need to push yourself one more rep because you have make sure your mind doesn’t give-up.

Only when you push yourself beyond your limitations, you will be able to get better results faster.

Even when you are pregnant or having small children you have to do workouts with a modified meal plan with the help of your doctor or a nutritionist.

Better to adopt to pregnancy-friendly workout if you are pregnant by avoiding some of the abs workout and paying attention to your lungs functionality.

Each trimester you can modify your diet plan with the help of your doctor and nutritionist.

In order to keep yourself  and your family happy, you need to focus on being healthy not just losing weight.

Ideal way in having a head start would be to get up early before others gets up, so that you will have time to yourself to workout.

Keep in mind that being healthy is lifelong journey, which needs lifestyle changes on day to day basis.

Don’t wait for any special moments or motivation to start your healthy journey.

Just start it and go with the process. Motivation and results will happen.


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