Nurture healthy habits to children

I Have Found A Way To Do Exercise With My Child To Be Fit and Happy

Exercise plays crucial role in everybody’s healthy life.

It is parents role to be healthy and indulge your kid to exercise with you and nurture them to take life’s challenges.

Parent’s primary role to their kids is to nurture them with healthy habits and keep them away from ailments in their entire life.

Better learning for children

From early childhood you need to nurture them to do exercise and eat healthy foods, which will lead them to more possibilities and opportunities in life.

Work pressure might deprive you of spending time with your child or taking care of your own health.

Then it’s all the more important that you do exercise with your child which will keep everybody in the family healthy.

Push-ups are a great way to start your exercise routine with your child.

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You can encourage your child to do 10 push-ups to start with and slowly increase it as the days go by.

When it’s your turn after sufficient warm-ups you can ask your child to sit on your back and do push-ups.

Add some fun element while doing exercise which will motivate to do more exercise.

Push-ups will help in strengthening your muscles, improving on digestion and stronger body.

Swimming is another great exercise to do with your child.

Swimming gives you stronger muscles, better flexibility and improves with your lung power.

Running or walking round the block with your child, also great way to do exercise.

You can run and your child can do cycling round the block.

Being outdoor will also help in improving your lung power.

All family members can go cycling round the block or park, whichever facility you have.

If you love sports like basketball or football, make your child to play along with you.

Doing outdoor sports adds more fun elements besides being healthy.

Leg raises are more effective exercise which can take care of your belly fat at the same time strengthen your core muscles and your child abs too.

For your child, ask them to raise one leg at a time initially and after few months they can graduate to lifting both legs and bringing it down.

Planking is another great exercise both for you and your child.

To start with you can do planking for a minute or two and slowly increase it.

For your child it is better they start with 30 seconds of planking and they can slowly increase it over a period of time.

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While doing exercise always add some fun element to it.

Involving all the members of the family with sports is the best way to be fit and bring in more joyfulness.

It will not only help in being healthy, it will help in better bonding with your kid and most important more happiness.

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Happiness will help you to relax, relieve you of your anxiety and stress.

Being happy will also help in better relationship with your family.

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