How To Skyrocket Your Happiness With Exercise?

Exercise besides shaping your body, having better health, enhances spirit of happiness.

Unfortunately, most of the people are not aware about this powerful source for happiness.

Exercise makes you more relaxed, calmer, and excited, better focuses and keeps you happy.

Depending upon the effort you put into exercise, your mood gets elevated.

When you exercise your nervous system becomes calmer, muscles gets relaxed which gets transmitted to your brain to feel the goodness.

You might be familiar about endorphins which is a natural relaxant and gets pumped into all your body cells when you exercise.


When endorphins raises to higher level in your brain thanks to exercise the feel good factor also gets pumped into your system.

As you are aware when you do exercise you are more focused which makes you calmer in the process your muscles relaxes.

While you exercise, your nervous system gets calmer, your muscles gets relaxed which gets transmitted to your brain in the process you feel good.

Enhancing yourself by way of exercise helps you to go beyond your limitations.

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When you go beyond your limitations, you get into the mood of handling any challenging situations.

More you improve on your exercise, better is your results and being pleasant in your life.

Irrespective of what exercise or sports you want to indulge, the key factor being consistent, which brings in joy into your life.

Only when you are into any form of exercise whether doing yoga, workout at gym, little walk around block or running or any body weight exercise at home can boost your mood.

Exercise helps in increasing the blood flow which gives mentally faculty to boost your mood.

You have to exercise atleast 20 minutes to get your mood become pleasant. If you can do more, it is all the more better.

Only after 30 or 45 minutes of exercise, endorphins starts getting activated into your body cells.

People who are into regular exercise are aware of endorphins effectiveness and make it a point to workout atleast for 45 minutes to get its full effectiveness.

Brain faculty works better when your intensity of exercise moves from moderate to high intensity over a period of 15 to 30 minutes.

After few days of exercise you will know how you can improve your intensity provided you are consistent.

When you are consistent with exercise, you will understand your body rhythm, which help in increasing the intensity in the process boost your mood.

Based on your energy level you can vary your intensity level and get the best out of both your physical and psychological benefits.

Your mood gets tremendous boost when you exercise outdoor or play sports especially when you are with nature.

Body weight exercise at park can give phenomenal boost to your mind, more into a meditative frame of mind.

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Be flexible to your schedule to do exercise. Though morning could be ideal way to kick start your day with exercise, finding out time to do exercise in the afternoon or evening are also fine.

What is important is consistent with your exercise irrespective of your schedule, which is the key to your happiness.


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