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Why Haven’t Parents Applying This Simple Secret For Best Parenting Skills

Want to know the best parenting tips?

Every evening I go to the park, I see a woman running in the park with her 6–7 years old daughter.

Both of them run 3–4 rounds in the park, sit for a couple of minutes to do few stretches, and yoga postures followed by quick meditation.


The bonding looks so beautiful. Sometimes, I just sit idle watching them.

Pic courtesy: My phone gallery ( You can see them sitting together at the left.)

I always wondered how could someone teach discipline to a small girl so easily?

It reminded me of my friend’s struggle who really wants her daughter to read books, but it never really became the kid’s habit.

Today, after running for quite a few rounds the lady got exhausted and sat next to me on the bench. Meanwhile, the little girl continued running.

I smiled and said, ‘You guys look so cute. Your daughter is very adorable.’

She smiled back and thanked me.

I asked, ‘I really wonder how can you teach her so much discipline! I mean, she does everything you do with so much avidity AND continuity!’

She said, ‘I don’t teach her anything. I just do MY things, and she follows. You can’t force a kid to do something. They won’t follow YOUR advice, they would follow YOU!’

I believe that was the wisest thing I had ever heard. Parenting couldn’t have been done in a better way.

(Later, I asked her if I could take their picture and, she happily agreed.)

Children learn more from what you are than what you teach. – W.E.B Dubois

P.S: Here is something I learned today, ‘Avidity’ which means ‘Enthusiasm’ or ‘Dedication’. 


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