7 Easy Hacks Not to Gain Weight During This Holiday Season

How to handle party season

December month gets you into party mood and also your time for maximum weight gain. A season which puts you out of gear.
Your party hoping makes you become senseless with binge eating putting all the must do activities aside except your weight gain keeps going up steadily.
Don’t party hop at the cost of weight gain and creating health havoc. Simple tips which can help you to be balanced at the time of party hoping season.

Why hydrate body

Party time means plenty of alcohol flowing which will result in dehydrating your body, bringing imbalance to your system.
Make it a point drink extra glasses of water, drink herbal tea at least couple of times in a day, eat plenty of fruits and vegetables which has more water content. For every glass of alcohol, have extra glass of water and eat one plate of salad as meal everyday to detox your body.

Get enough sleep

If you are having plenty of party time in the night, make sure to have power nap in the afternoon to get enough sleep into your body system and to balance lack of sleep in the night during this holiday season.

Why power breakfast

When your dinner is creating havoc to your body,  it’s a must to have healthy breakfast and sensible lunch to overcome all the pain and ache which you may experience during this season because of lack of nutrients, lots of junk food binge eating.
Have quality meals in between parties with plenty of fruits.

Effective tips

How not to get paunch and bigger waistline by following effective steps:
  1. Have a light meal at home or from office before heading to a party as this will help in avoiding all the junk food at the party.
  2. Indulge in items only which you enjoy eating by skipping the items which you eat regularly.
  3. Enjoy each bite by eating slowly which your host have provided without racing to eat other foods.
  4. Just eat small portions of what you really like without stuffing yourself.

Stretch yourself

During party time you will definitely eat more. To burn calories walk around your building block, climb the stairs instead of taking the elevators, park the car away from your host place to take a small walk, play with your kids or take them to park.

The art of saying ‘NO’

Go to parties where you can have fun with the people whom you like. Avoid parties which you won’t be comfortable with the people around, unless, of course,  some boring official parties which you have to oblige.
By chance you land up at some boring parties don’t stand near the bar or buffet table where you will end up either drinking or eating more out of boredom. Leave the boring parties after decent time making all the customary greetings to everybody.

Dance to burn calories

Do some dance moves even if you don’t know how to dance. This will help you to burn some calories, keep you away from binge eating plus you will end up drinking less when you are drinking. Don’t worry about your dance moves. Most of the people in the parties are lousy dancers.


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