Make Fitness Your Lifestyle

When you are fit it helps you to do better in whatever you want to do in life.

Being fit makes you feel better about your self and keeps you stress-free.
Gym time can be your quality ‘me time’. When you get envious stares, you know you are doing right.
You won’t get a great body by wishing. You have to be consistent in your workout even when you are busy with your work or business travel or motherhood responsibilities.
No matter how crazy your day is make it a point to workout.One date in your life don’t miss. Make being fit a lifestyle not your fashion statement.
When you are into  fitness 70% is about watching what you eat. This awareness will come when you are regular with your workouts and knows what kind of food reacts with your body or how much quantity is needed for your body to be fully energized.
If you are heading for a party, make sure to eat light meal at home which will help you not to for any binge eating at party.
When you getting into fitness it’s better to get expert guidance to give you better results from your workout especially more energized and flexible.
If you have a partner who is passionate about fitness all the more better. It helps in motivating each other and getting far more better results.
You can have one day as your ‘cheat day’ preferably Sunday where you can have your favorite ice-cream or cake. Take a good slice of cake but not the whole thing.
Giving one day from workout also gives body to recoup from all the stress you have put on muscles.
Take a long walk on Sunday’s preferable with nature or play a game or sports which will help you to bounce back to work with full vigor the next day.
Fitness does not come naturally in physical form to anybody. We take our wholesome bodies for granted.
We have to respect each part of our body. It’s not just brains that gets rusty as time passes, but your limbs too.
Working out to look good could be your primary reason. Being healthy should be your first priority. A healthy body gives the edge to be fit than others in the long run and boosts a healthy mind.

Some take to be more fit:

1.Eat more fibre-rich food and cut back on caffeine. You can replace caffeine with green tea or herbal tea.
2.Small changes like taking stairs instead of elevators will add to your fitness regimen.
3. Avoid watching TV.Instead spend time with your family.Play with your kids. Go for a long walk with your family.
4.Keeping excess weight off can be difficult if you have heavy friends. That’s because you will never focus on exercise and eat healthy in your free time.
5. It’s preferable to have friends who are fit. They will help you to lose weight and give you tips to have better physique. As the famous saying goes ” You can judge a person with 5 people he/she hangs around with”.
These simple steps helps you to be active,more important,better bonding with your loved ones.It might not cost you but the rewards you plenty.


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