Gems of Parenting skills

Enjoy this moment…

Parenting is the real living in the moment experience that’s when you have adventures and gather gems of wisdom.

Look into the eyes of your kid when you are feeding them. Ditch all the distractions of social media addiction or watching TV. Best moment of your life is happening live when you are taking care of your kids and they are looking into your face. You will never get these moments again.

As much as possible feed your kids with organic vegetables and fruits, provided it is available where you stay.

If you are a busy mom with office workload, make it a point to set aside atleast 2 or 3 hours in the evening to spend time with your kids. It’s the play time.

Gifts of life

When kids get more toys for Christmas, keep aside couple of them unpacked and give it to them after few months when the weather doesn’t permit them to go out and play. It’s more fun time again.

Don’t look up to celebrities as your ideal to get into great shape after delivery of baby or babies. You have to have your own method to get back to shape and being healthy with the resources you have. Celebrities have personal trainers, nutritionists; cook to get into what they can shape into. Your consistency to become healthy will only produce results.

Teach your kids to stand next to the painted line alongside your car at the parking lot and ask them to move only when you move out of your car. Otherwise, you will become a nervous wreck especially if you have to take your toddler out of their seat.

A cheesy tip when you are changing diaper for your boy. Put your boy’s private part down when you change the diaper. Otherwise, everything will get soaked.

Be Sportive

When your kids are into sports never be a stressed out parents. If they have to do well in sports first things they have to learn is enjoy the sports. Then only they will be able to pay attention to their game and improve it. It will also help them to experience to be a better sportsmanship whether they lose or win. It will also help them to face their life better in the long run.

When you are pregnant make sure to choose a name for your kid which is vibrant in their entire life not some dumb name which will end up being a butt of joke in their life, like the one of the kid name become a butt of a joke recently when she traveled on an airline because her parents named her ‘Abcde’.

As parents make sure your kids have more play time either playing games on the yard, park, streets. For their wellness less time they spend inside the house, it’s better.

Parenting Sense

It is primary important as parents what kind of movies your kids need to watch. One site will give you more insight about what kind of movies kids should watch age-wise. A must step for any parents.

Avoid giving processed food as much as possible for your kids. It will affect their digestive system; reduce their immune system which will only lead to more ailments.

When you are traveling with toddlers make sure you carry enough diapers and wipes or inform the people where you are going to stay to keep it hand when you land up with your little ones.

If you are yogi mom, it’s better to teach your kids some yoga and breathing technique. This will help them to calm down better, especially as a mom it will put you into ease to handle any worked up situation.

Out of box

When you are embarking potty training for your kid ask them to sit backwards on the toilets and give them bathtub crayon to draw on the inside lid which will occupy them while they try to go potty without going through anxious moments.

Incase, you have twins don’t purchase same thing for both of them. Buy one color item either red or blue for one kid and other colors for other kid. That way when they grow up one kid will have one favorite color and the other kid will have other favorite color. There won’t be any fight among them to have same item of same color.

While traveling with kids on a flight make sure to carry atleast one set of clothes for each member of the family with a hand towel to deal with all the spills of fluids which will help you to slip into fresh smelling dry clothes.

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Power of Love

Keep in mind that you will always love your kid but not always like what they you do, which will drive you crazy. Enjoy the moments and be joyful.

When you invite people for your kid’s birthday consult with them which of their friends they would like to invite. No like or dislike cards to be played against a particular person. This is one thing they should learn in their early age.

Gift of Love

If you are stressing out how your toddler will react to your newborn just make a surprise gift to your older one as if the newborn has given it. This will help the older one have better vibes with the newborn and make a special bondage.

Never miss out spending time with your little ones when they invite you to play with their board games or fooling around the park or your backyard. It only gives better bondage with them, it helps your kid to grow emotionally stronger which will help them not affected by much anxiety or depression feelings in the long run.

Tricky Tactics

Never give to whims and fancy of your kids by purchasing more gifts to them. You can’t give everything they ask for, which is not possible in life. They should to be aware where you stand in life and how important it is to balance financial needs, which is important to life.

When it comes meals preparation for your toddlers or kids give them only two options, either this or that. That way it will make them think they have made the choice and they will eat without wasting any food. This methodology works for elders also.

Washing clothes is the biggest chores in life plus you don’t get the desired results. Best way to wash your clothes in washer is in cold water, line-dry with delicate cycle which will help in keeping the clothes softer and long lasting especially jeans.

Make your kids to wear their favorite sunglasses when you take them to dentist to shield their eyes from the bright light.

Let them Blossom

Most important thing the kids need to learn from parents is the power of love and kindness. No grudges with anybody for a better human being.

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