Jumpstart Your Motherhood by Being Yogi Mom

When you are a busy mom juggling family and work will be a tough task. Just close your eyes for 5 or 10 minutes and observe your breath. You can start with once a day and increase it to 2 or 3 times in a day. This will help your body, mind and emotions to relax and help you to focus on work in hand and clear your anxiety. Best way to relate to your kids is teach them also yoga and simple breathing technique at early age. Whenever you start your yoga practice your kids can also join you. This will not  only help you to be fit, it also helps kids to have some physical activity in the right way for better health, more flexibility, more strength, better focus in life which will help them to be better human being. Most important outcome would be, you will be able to bond with your kids better and kids will also understand the value of relationship over a period of time. It will also help you and kids to be more relaxed which will lead to more joyful moments. Motherhood always involves multitasking. When you take time off to do yoga practice it helps you to focus on your body, mind and emotions which in turn help your body to be rejuvenated to balance your lack of sleep. It will also help you to be more joyful, enjoying each and every moment with your kids and family and most important enjoying your time as loving mom. What we forget to observe is that babies have better observation than us and pay attention to everything we do. It’s better we do right things so that they will also follow in the right direction.

Children are going through various stress by wrong life style and only mom can put them in right direction by being healthy and fit. Practicing yoga with children is the best way to take it forward in life which helps in better physical shape and mental health. Best part of yoga is, you can practice it when you are on holidays which will help being more joyful and having more fun.

Teaching your kids yoga in their young age will be the best gift you will be giving them in their life, which will stand in time for them to handle any situations in life and be a better human being.

How yoga can help you to get better grip of your life is here.

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