How To Stop Feeling Tired All The Time

Most of you feel tired thanks to watching TV until wee hours or late night out with friends drinking or putting extra work through the night.

How lack of sleep damage our body

One of the primary reasons will be lack of sleep. But most of the people are not getting enough sleep because of disturbing mind.

Lack of sleep leads to fatigue, risk of accidents while driving, performance going down and most important having health problems like depression, obesity, high blood pressure, heart ailments, stroke in most cases early age death.

Consistent is the key

Consistent sleep routine is needed to get enough sleep. Go to sleep by 10pm and get up by 5am every day including weekends. Death rates have increased by 20% as people tend to oversleep during weekends which create more health complications.

As much as possible avoid napping during the day. You can sit and close your eyes for 5 or 10 minutes, which will refresh your mind and re-surge of energy.

Worry factor

Avoid lying awake in bed for more than 5 or 10 minutes unnecessarily worrying about things which won’t happen. It’s better you get out of bed, sit in a comfortable position close your eyes and just observe your breath until you feel sleepy and head back to bed.

How bedroom plays role in good sleep

Make sure your bedroom is kept clean, with a pleasant decor, no digital devices next to you, no light emitting when you go to sleep(absolute darkness) and moderate cool temperature(not too cold or warm temperature).

Caffeinated trigger

It’s preferable to limit your coffee or tea to 2 cups in a day. A caffeinated drink which creates stimulation in your body is actually disturbing your body rhythm.

Be Sober

Most important, avoid alcohol and smoking cigarettes atleast couple of hours before sleep.

Diet and Sleep

Poor diet puts your body out of rhythm. Having more healthy food balances your body better.

Having more vegetables preferably in raw form and fruits helps in re-generating your blood cells and come out of fatigue.

Eating right amount will help in better digestion, preferably less quantity is better. Over eating leads to sluggishness.

Best way to get right diet is eat 50% of your food with fruits and vegetables and balance 50% with cooked food.

As much as possible avoid dairy products in your food in take.

Our body constitute only 3% protein content. Over eating with protein food like poultry, meat will lead to cancer and liver failure.

Even though sugar intake gives sudden upsurge of energy, it wears you out faster and fatigue will creep inside your body. Avoid drinks like coke, Pepsi at any cost which has plenty of sugar contents and leads you to obesity, high blood pressure and depression.

Kick-start your day with breakfast. Having breakfast brings in necessary nutrients and energy to your body.

Avoid unhealthy snacks between meals and limit your intake of meals to 3 in a day which will help you to have more energy.

Hydrating your body with regular intake of water is a must. Drinking water prevents mood swings, constipation and most important fatigue.

Exercise to your rescue

Regular exercise of 20 or 30 minutes a day can not only help you to come out of your fatigue, body gets rejuvenated which in turn helps your body to be healthy and most important brings better clarity to life.

Exercise can be in any form like working out at gym, yoga, swimming, dance, sports activities, running, cycling and walking.

Wane away stress

Stress is a major factor for your unhealthy life.

Stress is created because of friction between your body, mind and emotions.

Best way to bring down stress is doing regular exercise in any form preferably yoga and meditation. Avoid medication at any cost. Medication will only lead you to more complications in the long run.


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