Want to Look and Feel Your Best at 40 and Beyond

Damage of sedentary lifestyle

Various issues will slow you down and make you lead a sedentary lifestyle with age. When you get into the grip of sedentary lifestyle weight gain, health and pains issues will cripple your mobility.
You will start thinking exercise is not for you. But as you age, an active lifestyle is more important to boost your energy, eradicate your ailments, keep your heart in good condition and better mobility. Regular exercise is also good for your body, mind and emotions.
Fitness Journey…
When you become fitter and healthy it will make you stronger instead of being sickly. Instead of falling sick every now and then in a year, you won’t fall sick for years. Headaches won’t crop up to disturb your day to day life which will lead to better productivity. When your mobility gets better you don’t depend on others and carrying your toddlers even if they are big and heavy will be easy.
When you want to maintain desired weight, it is important that you workout at least 6 to 7 hours a week which will keep you active throughout the day. You can practice weight training, swimming, yoga, pilates, high-intensity interval training anywhere, anytime, irrespective of weather conditions. More you get into exercise, more joyfulness you will feel in your life which will help you to go beyond your limitations in all walks of life and also help to improve your immunity.
When you start enjoying your workouts, you would naturally like to push your boundaries by going on trekking to some awesome breathtaking places, which you would not dream in your life.
You can also get into running, which can lead you to running marathon and who knows you will take up Ironman challenge also and will be inspirational for others.
There are plenty of people who have got into fitness in their forties and fifties of age and have become ultra marathoner. You can indulge in any sports like tennis, golf, and badminton to keep yourself active.
Once, you are into fitness you can combine any fitness regime like yoga and meditation, running, cycling, pilates, Zumba, strength training and occasional games.
Physical activity not only gives longevity to your age but also makes you look better, more energetic, faster mobility and overall well being in your life.
When you start exercising regularly, your metabolism improves which builds your body muscles, in the process burn more calories.
When you exercise, your digestive system starts functioning better which improves your immunity, regulates your blood pressure, lowers the risk of Alzheimer’s ailments, diabetes gets sorted out, eradicates obese, streamlines heart ailments, reduces the risk of cancer and osteoporosis issues.

Overall benefits of exercises

Exercises gives better flexibility, which helps in improved posture in turn improving strength. Once, your strength and posture improves, it helps in better balancing of your body and reduces the risk of regular falls. Major benefits of strength training is, it reduces the risk of chronic pain especially arthritis.
On the mind front regular exercises helps in improving your sleep quality which is vital to getting better health. When you are active it helps in falling sleep faster, sleep more deeply which helps in waking up energetic.
Major take on exercising regularly is, it is a well researched stress busters without any medication or side effects as it kills your anxiety, fear thanks to endorphins cells getting activated in your body.


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