Are You Aware How Healthy Is Your Diet?

Will healthy diet lead you to lose weight and better health?

Let’s look into this diet plan and how it has changed her life.

My diet is very healthy. Also, I’ve experienced a lot of changes in my body after eating clean.

Always remember, it’s always about 80% diet and 20% workout.

I’ve always loved food more than anything else. I used to eat junk food everyday. My weight was 120 kgs. BMI: 40.5

I always loved pizza, burger, samosa and coke.

My eating habits were really wrong. Lemme share some tips by which a person can see good changes in their body:

  • Always eat home cooked food. It never ever makes you fat. Also, excess of everything is bad. Never ever eat anything in excess be it Roti or sabzi.
  • Whenever you crave for something unhealthy. Always try to make that dish in a healthier manner. I was craving from tacos, I made semolina tacos.
  • Cook your meals in ghee, coconut oil, mustard oil or sesame oil. Don’t buy fancy oils.

(Khichdi with cow ghee)

  • Eat vegetables. Always try to eat vegetables that you never liked. All the vegetables are nutritious. Try to eat atleast one green vegetable daily.
  • Also, never keep yourself away from vegetable Rotis. They’re delicious alternatives of stuffed parathas.
  • I know, you crave for pasta, maggi and macroni. Buy semolina pasta. They’re healthy. I made semolina pasta with mushrooms and spinach sauce.
  • Sugar isn’t your enemy, refined sugar is. Eat jaggery, jaggery powder, stevia and honey. Make your own desserts.

Eat right!

Yes, my diet is healthy.


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