Bad Habits At Young Age Can Ruin Your Health

How bad habits at young age ruin your life?

1.Never get used to lying on one side reading a book or checking your cell phone, or sitting with your head tilted while writing. Doing so for a long time can cause Anisopia (the visual power of one eye is greater than that of the other).

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I am 300 degrees in my left eye and zero in my right eye. Can you imagine the trance when I look at the world?

Girls who are concerned about their appearance will notice a slight difference in eye size over time.

2. Extreme dieting can lead to hair loss, calcium deficiency, chronic fatigue, or over-excited, dry hair, large pores, darker skin, You may look older than you really are. Sometimes you think you’re losing fat, but you’re actually losing your vitality.

Nosebleeds, late-night teeth bleeding, poor sleep quality, excessive dreaming, emotional sensitivity, Neurasthenia, are all likely side effects of extreme dieting.

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3. I started to stay up late from my adolescence, and over time I found that I was prone to sleepiness during the day and particularly energetic at night. Even if there is time during the day to catch up on sleep, it is not a normal state of life.

You think you’re always young, vigorous and strong, but everything that happens to you later in life, including hair loss, poor skin, lack of energy, memory loss and so on, has something to do with staying up late or staying up all night when you’re young.

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4. Don’t over-exercise. When you jump, run, and crash in a basketball game, you have to know that a single injury to the intervertebral disc, rotator cuff, Achilles Tendon, meniscus, or cruciate ligament is a death sentence. The only way to get them back to normal is to be born again.

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5. Hemorrhoids is a disease with a high probability for sedentary office workers, and with the extension of modern sedentary time, the disease is common among young people. Be More careful if you notice blood in your stool. See a doctor right away.

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6. Gout is bad news for every young alcoholic. My brother-in-law, a heavy drinker, began to drink with seafood since teenage years.

He began to have gouty symptoms before he was thirty. At the age of thirty, he was scared, but that was already too late. Now he is almost 40 years old, and he can’t buy shoes suitable for him (The Tophus is super large). He has basically lost the ability to work and has difficulty walking.

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Don’t take any chances being an alcoholic because it is too bad when you see it with your own eyes.

That’s why I’m such a teetotaler.


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