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Beautiful Fade Is Just Gorgeous In This Eye Makeup

Subtle wing about the eye makeup

Application tips:

Can I ask how you got your eyeliner looking so sharp? Any tips or tools that are useful?

It honestly takes practice! But, one thing you can do is clean up the bottom of the liner shape with concealer. I did that here because the line was a little too thick. You could also try putting a piece of makeup tape or paper down, like this.

Is there a trick to using eye-shadow as mascara? Did you prime or seal your lashes? 

Use a white mascara primer or white concealer with a spoolie as you would regular mascara to create a white base, then pack on the shadow!

What is the color that you used on the outer most corner of the eye swooshing up? It’s a deeper copper shimmer, gorgeous color and pigmentation!

It’s the bottom middle shade in the Huda Beauty Sand Haze palette!


  • Viseart eyeshadow primer

  • Huda Beauty Sand Haze palette (no shade names) for the eyeshadow and mascara

  • Rare Beauty 170w concealer

  • ABH ash brown brow powder

Image credit and application tips: @deardomika

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