Best Food for Muscle Cramp Prevention

Muscle cramps gives a signal that your body needs to be hydrated. Though it is not a major concern, it can affect your movement for few minutes, sometimes for few hours depending upon your body muscle strength.
Most of the time muscle cramps happens during night or after strenuous workout. It puts you out of action for few minutes and it is painful. Mostly it affects adults, very small percentage on kids.


Lack of proper diet creates this havoc in your body. Deficiency in minerals like potassium, protein can create this issue.
Water is the primary solution to keep cramps at bay as the cramps generally crops up due to dehydration in the body. Make it a point to drink atleast 2 or 3 liters of water through the day. Alternatively drinking tender coconut can give necessary minerals needed for your body.
Bananas have the necessary minerals of potassium, calcium and magnesium to ease your muscle cramps. Banana also helps in building body muscles.
Alternatively having sweet potatoes can give necessary minerals like banana and have more calcium properties than banana. Besides, sweet potatoes has more nutritious plus water content to keep you hydrated.
Beans and lentils are packed with minerals. Black beans and chickpeas contain high fiber properties too. It helps in easing menstrual cramps, controlling blood sugar and lower cholesterol.
Nuts are the most powerful ingredient to control your cramps and build muscles as the properties are rich in protein. Mix your intake of food like nuts, leafy greens, beans and legumes, bananas and plenty of water to get necessary ingredient into your body and build muscles.


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