Best Time To Do Detox

Time to detox:
Christmas celebrations got over with sumptuous lunch and dinners with lots of caffeine and alcohol added to body system. Added to that your meticulous planning of making get-together go smoothly would have added stress on to you. It’s time to roll in New Year on a healthy note with some effective detox methods.


  1. Start with drinking lemon water to cure your festival hangover. Lemon water helps in digestion by detoxifying your bowel movements. Drink plenty of water too to keep your system hydrated.
  2. You may think caffeine will help you to come out lethargy. Actually, reverse is true. Coffee will only make you more sluggish and dehydrated, plus, will affect your bowel movements. Go for healthy options like having fruits. An apple can help you to kick start with energy surge as it has minerals, more fiber that can rejuvenate your body. Try to avoid gluten and sugar intake.
  3. Intake of more fiber into your systems helps to lighten up your colon and gut after all the heavy lunches and dinners. Eating more greens will help you to streamline your digestive system removing all the bloating and keeping your intestines clean.
  4. Heavy Christmas spread always creates ruckus to your gut. Having yogurt is an healthy option of keeping your intestines healthy without further rupturing it.
  5. Any light exercise in the form of walking or running around the block will help. You can start with light to moderate workouts at home or at gym which will remove your lethargy and bloating. Major benefit of moving your body is, it will rejuvenate your body faster.
  6. You can also pamper yourself with a massage by heading to spa. After all you deserve it with all the party planning and socializing you have to go through during Christmas, which would have made your body exhausted. Pampering yourself with massage, will also ease stress on your body muscles.
  7. Get enough sleep to rest your body. Over sleeping will only bring in more dullness and body aches.
  8. A healthy detox means keeping your mind more joyful. Spend as much time with your family, friends taking a walk or talking to them face to face or simply spending some quiet time with a book. Avoid watching TV, electronic or news media. Spend less time sitting. Keep moving so that blood circulation is active in your body system.
Take charge of your life on a healthy way for the New Year.

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