How To Improve Your Health Quickly?

When you eat slowly, you will make sensible healthy choices of what to eat and also it triggers your brain when to stop eating when you are full, which will make you not to over eat.
Engaging and interacting with your loved ones, friends by meeting them and having conversation across the table will make you happier, more productive and less health ailments. Interacting with family or friends on mobiles or social medias are not healthy way.
Always have fruits not juices. Juices lose nutrition when you process it and a juice adds sugar to your diet. When you eat fruits it is low in fat, low calories, but gives better sources of minerals and more important better fiber added to your diet.
Make it a point to spend more time with your family and friends and try to have vacation in nature which will rejuvenate your mind and body and help you to bond better with your loved ones.
As much as possible have fresh foods in your diet and avoid processed foods which leads to heart ailments.
Avoid alcohol as much as possible as it creates dehydration to your body, makes your bones brittle, and makes you lazy and lethargic the next day. Have occasional drink on social occasions that too restrict with one drink. Drink plenty of water after having alcohol which will remove the toxic from the body.
Avoid stress from your life as it will lead to major ailments like diabetes, heart problems, chronic pain in your body, high blood pressure, ulcers. Best stress busters is yoga and meditation, which will not only help you to have better productivity and overall wellness in your life.
Everybody have craving for sweets. How you eat sensible will keep you healthy. When you eat more of sweets, it will give sudden spike to your blood sugar and then crashes, which will make you more tired, irritable syndromes and keeps your hunger prangs craving for junk food, which will lead to putting on more weight on your body and health problems.

Being active will improve well-being of body, mind and your sex life. Any exercise form, small run or walk around the block, sports with your friends or family members, even gardening will make considerable difference to your health life.
Make it a point to walk atleast five minutes for every one hour when you sit and work. When you talk to somebody over phone keep moving. All these movements will help in blood circulation to your body in turn bring down diabetes, high blood pressure, body aches.

Adding greens like broccoli, spinach, kale is a must to your every day diet. A green vegetable are full of nutrients, full of fiber, low in calories and satisfies your hunger pangs.
If you love dancing go for it. It involves lots of body movements, keeps your mind happy and you are socially active too with like mind people which will bring in healthy environment.
Have a healthy sexual relationship with your partner. It will help your mind to be calmer and give you happiness. This will bring in better bonding. But make sure to protect yourself by using condoms which will avoid unwanted pregnancy and other diseases.
A deep sleep is a must in the night so that you can be fresh the next day. Lack of sleep leads to road accidents, heart ailments, depressions and diabetes.
Be active outdoor as much as possible. You should get sufficient solar(Sun) energy in your body. Once you are in sync with solar energy various health issues in your body gets streamlined especially having a good sleep. At the same time over exposure to Sun is not good for your skin.

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