Relationship goals

Happiness for better bonding and why relationship goals works

Goals to have happy relationship

Like everything in life relationship is all about striving better every day to enjoy the journey.

  1. Communication plays primary role in better understanding of your partner.
  2. Listen keenly what the other person wants to say irrespective whether you agree with their views.
  3. Discuss not argue. Never discuss with anger and resentment.

4. Observe the body language of your partner and try to understand what they are going through.

5. Never address problems and keep the grudges for days or months or years. The more you address problems, problems will only multiply.

6. Always work on solutions which will help to understand your partner better.

7. Avoid anger at any cost. Shouting and annoying your partner will only lead to breaking of relationship.

8. One of the important goals in relationship is forgiveness. It’s not something comes easy.

9. Don’t expect your partner to have same qualities like you. Beauty in a relationship is being imperfect.

10. One of the main things which don’t happen in a relationship is giving importance to work on relationship.

11. Once, you are in relationship, you take your partner for granted and don’t want to give importance to their emotions.

In the process happiness and magic of being in a relationship vanishes.

12. Most important part of having better relationship is to give importance to health and fitness and a time for you.

13. Only when you work on you to be a better person, you will be able relate to your partner better.

14. Best way to work on your fitness and health is by practicing yoga and meditation which will help to align your body, mind and emotions for better.

15. When you are more balanced in life, you will be able to relate to everybody better.

16. Improve on your intimacy. Even a simple act of holding hands or hugging, not necessarily sex can help you to bond better with your partner to bring in happiness.

17. Spend as much time as possible in nature. Nature can bring in special bonding and happiness to your life.

18. When your partner feel low or disturbed for some reason, be a good listener or just an act of hugging can help them to come out of their depression, which will help in better bonding.

19. Keep communicating even when you are working with simple texts or jokes.

20. Most important for better relationship is take effort to compliment your partner and appreciate their actions.

The above tips will work only when consciously take effort to put it into action. Take the action and see the magic unfolds in your relationship.

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