Children obese issue

How Can I Help My Obese Daughter to Lose Weight?

Guiding our kids to be healthy is a must in the present unhealthy situation with more than 60% kids are either over weight or obese in USA alone.


Let’s see how we can handle this sensitive issue.

Say nothing first.

In my opinion, if it was my daughter, I would use up all the groceries in the house until there is almost nothing left.

Better learning for children

Next, I would go shopping alone (for just this time) and buy only healthy foods. WAIT, I would select a few snacks, like 3, and they would be healthy tasty snacks. The rest of the cart is all healthy single ingredient foods.

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I would get all the groceries home, and hopefully she is there. Everyone helps put groceries away in my house. If she didn’t bring it up about all the food being healthy, I would say:

Hey love, I want to thank you. When we were at your doctor’s the other day, the things they were saying made me realize I’m not living or eating well — and if you and I were at my doctor’s appointment I guarantee they would have said the same stuff to me. So I went shopping and got new foods to try for all of us. I want to be alive and healthy for you kids for as long as possible.

My brother is a doctor, they promote healthy changes to everyone, it’s not a lie. Also, just because someone is thin doesn’t mean they are necessarily healthy so keep that in mind if that’s the preconceived idea/goal you have.

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  • Prepare/cook all meals
  • Pack her a healthy and full lunch, with a full sized water. Let her try different water brands, they taste different to some people. Chilled water usually is popular, add in an ice pack to the lunch bag if this is her preference. Don’t forget to pack a lunch for all family members.
  • Go outside. Ask her to come talk with you about her friends or school and take a walk. If that doesn’t work, tell her you need her help — and share one of your kid appropriate problems and take a walk to talk it out. Do this often.
  • Go do free fun activities. If you are in walk-able distance, go to the library, parks, historic sites, etc. If she asks what’s going on say I don’t know, mid life crisis I guess, and then laugh and say I’m just kidding, you’re 17 and going to be graduating soon and I realized we won’t always be able to spend a lot of quality time together so I’m soaking it up now. Tell her the things you like about her. Then sarcastically say you love how she yells at you in the morning for her xyz, smile and say it makes your day complete, laugh!

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  • You know your kid best, think of new things to change and do without it being all on her. If she’s overweight, in one way or another I’m sure it’s more than just her. Maybe the family has less than exactly healthy habits. Maybe not. But, that doesn’t matter now, you and her have to go forward. If you talk to her directly about it, it will seem like she has a problem and there’s something wrong with her and that is going to get zero results. It’s likely to make her depressed.
  • You’ve got this.

My gratitude to Ms.Jacqueline Pokrywa for her valuable tips.

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