Cholesterol natural remedy

What Is The Best Natural Remedy for Cholesterol?

How to reduce cholesterol fast?

People have been put into fear that if you don’t take cholesterol medication, you will have lung problems and heart attack.

People have been put into this fear because of lack of awareness and pharma companies  make big money by exploiting this by making business worth Trillions of dollars only for this treatment.

Then there are plenty of people who have diabetes been told that if they have sugar issue, they will have cholesterol problems and they have been brain washed to have medication for safety purposes by way of creating fear into them.

When you fall into this trap of taking medication you are impacted in two ways.

One until your last breath, you have been forced to take this medication.

Second your natural metabolism gets affected when you start taking medication for cholesterol.

Now, let’s look into how you can come out of this trap of taking medication by simple lifestyle changes.

If you have diabetes, just check Liquid profile test every 6 months or once a  year to know whether your cholesterol level are normal, once you start implementing our suggestions.

First what kind of food you intake will impact your cholesterol level going up.

Best solution for that is take high fiber foods. Take more green veggies as way of salad before having cooked food.

Once you start eating this way triglycerides will automatically come down in short duration of time.

Unfortunately, the cooked foods don’t have any nutrients because we use all refined substances.

According to research when your intake of foods is cooked by refined products, cholesterol, diabetes and blood pressure will naturally go high.

Besides, taking green veggies in uncooked form, avoid refined oils. Use virgin oil whichever you are using.

There is always confusion about saturated and unsaturated fats.

Eating monounsaturated fats like groundnuts and coconuts is helpful to reduce your cholesterol level.

Myth and fear has been created among people not to have groundnuts and coconuts.

Poly saturated fats are good for health which you can get from coconut oil and groundnut oil.

Avoiding and not taking these foods has created unwanted cholesterol level to go up considerably among people which has created big business for medical fraternity.

Next solution is about the way we consume our daily food pattern. Consuming food giving 6 hours gap is good for health.

Giving big gap without eating for a long time during the day and eating big way in the night just to satisfy your deprived taste is a sure shot way to get ailments.

Only when you eat right food at right interval can keep your digestive system in order.

This in turn will pump nutrients to your body and expel unwanted fats from your body.

Only when you eat food without giving big gap, your metabolic disorder will be streamlined.

Next solution is to consume less alcohol. Better still would be, totally stop consuming alcohol.

When you consume more alcohol it arrests your cardiac system to lead more risk factor of getting heart attack.

The biggest culprit in creating cholesterol in our body is eating foods made out of reused oil and deep fried foods which increases trans fat a residue which leads to cardiac arrests.

Next biggest mistakes people make is consuming aerated water like coke, soda, processed foods which contains high sugar level which will not only spike your cholesterol level and leads to overweight or obese.

Once you reduce your sugar content level in any form your cholesterol level will immediately come down.

When you make the necessary lifestyle changes as suggested above and go and take Lipid profile test after 6 months you will be surprised to know that it will show normal.

When you know how your LPD has become normal you don’t have to take any medications throughout your life.

Just follow the healthy lifestyle which will help you have healthier life for a long time.

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